The Voice may be silent, but his legacy lives on...

A voice actor famous for recording nearly 5,000 movie trailers, and nearly 350,000 other commercials, programs, files and other presentations. He is arguably the most successful Voice Actor of all times.

“When you die, the voice you hear in heaven is not Don’s. It’s God, trying to sound like Don.  I wish he’d quit his day job…”

– Ashton Smith –

The most amazing compliment I’ve ever received was from a producer at CBS to my agent and was just 5 words long: “Jeez, she’s the female Don LaFontaine”

– Keri Tombazian –

Don is the Joack Nicholson of Promo.  As Much for his talent and stature as for his ability to go after you with a 9 iron if you cut him off in traffic.”

– Joe Cipriano –

“Don is not only the archetype for trailer narration, but his mentorship has been invaluable to me.  He showed me that I could do this.  He opened the door. I don’t know how anyone could possibly be more gracious than Don had been.

– Ben Patrick Johnson –

“When I first moved to town, Don was the only “working guy” who spoke to me, let alone acknowledge my presence.  But more than that, I took my cues from him regarding professionalism and courtesy with the people we work with on a daily basis.  Don created the read we ALL do now, and for that among other things, I am eternally grateful.”

– Jonathan Cook –

“Don is a colleague and a friend.  His success is completely justified by his unique talent.  In addition to being one of his friends, I am one of his biggest fans!”

– John Leader –

“Don LaFontaine is still what the others aspire to.  It doesn’t become “real” until Don’s voice is married to the picture.  Instant credibility, instant acceptance.  His voice is welcomed in my family room any night of the week.”

– Scott Waz – Owner/Engineer Audion Post Philadelphia